Friday, February 23, 2007

Java Games Swords of Fury

An ancient evil awakes from its thousand year sleep immersing the world in an abysmal darkness. Only a select few can face it affectively. Some will seek to destroy it, others will want to harness its power and use it against it.
Which path will you choose?

Sword of Fury is a classic H&S game containing all of what’s best in this genre of games: dynamic game play, constant evolution of character in terms of fighting abilities, as well as an ever increasing difficulty level.

Push a sword into your enemy’s heart or turn your enemy to ashes with a single spell! Venture to ancient places of power and find keys to open secret gates. Stand up and fight your enemies with honour, just remember the price for second place in this game is death...

- Two different characters to play (sword master and warlock)
- 12 levels including cemeteries, dungeons, castles, temples and more
- Constant advancement of characters
- 25 different enemies including special bosses
- BT multiYou! mode giving players an unique opportunity to play together against the dark powers
- Dynamic and challenging game play
- Great music and sound effects

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