Saturday, December 23, 2006

Zdenka Sexy Playtime

Java Games Zdenka Sexy Playtime

Discover the gorgeous Zdenka in this new mobile game!
Arrange the bricks by color to make them disappear then discover the incredible body of Zdenka!
Quickly eliminate the bricks that cover her and you will earn completely new photos of the star.

- A new Zdenka game
- A sticky, sexy puzzle-game
- Ten stunning photographs of Zdenka to collect
- Ten levels of increasing difficulty

Games Beach Babes

Games Beach Babes

Snap! The aim of this sexy game is to match different pairs of cards! It’s all about memory!

Thanks to the multiplayer option, you can challenge a friend or even a stranger. You take turns in playing via WAP. Top players can even record their scores on the international scoreboard.

- A sexy game of Snap!
- Collect ten images of hot, bikini-clad women as you progress through different levels in Solo Mode.
- Play on your own or challenge a friend by mobile phone, thanks to the Dual Mode setting!
- Record your score on the international scoreboard!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Java Games Demons Castle

Java Games Demons Castle
In the middle of the 17th century, the brutal Dracula governed Romania. Under Dracula’s government, people all lived in dread and fear.
But a young man brought a gleam of hope; his name was Orlando, the son of Dracula. He knew of his father’s deviltry, and felt the compassion for humanity.
Thus, the righteous Orlando decided to help the poor people of Romania cast off his father’s rule. He was the hope of his people.