Friday, February 23, 2007

Java Games Bomber Pilot

Java Games Bomber Pilot
You and your bomber are our last hope in hostile territory. We count on your high experience as a pilot and we hope you will not disappoint us.
Your buddies gave you the name "old bomber". As a squadron leader you were sent in countless wars to leave a desolated battlefield for the following infantry. In this ongoing duty you are completely on your own, because your whole team was shot down by hostile defence. The enemy mobilized all of their units on water, ground and in the air to bring you down. Struggle through the different missions and destroy as many military targets and buildings as possible. It is very important that you watch your altitude, because of the high mountains that might get in your way. Hidden runways give you the possibility to relax and concentrate on the next attack. Satisfy your thirst for revenge in the name of your country and all the companions you lost in this war. We know you are the best – bring it on!


- Isometric 3D-environment
- Many hostile targets
- Dynamic gameplay in endless levels
- Increasing difficulty
- Mutable ways of controlling
- Highscore
- Savegame
- Sound and vibration (depends on the device)

Java Games Alpha Zone 3D

Java Games Alpha Zone 3D
Inhabited planet Ferrinox 9 was suddenly attacked by alien forces.
As a member of Security Squad you must locate the databases in three major cities and blow up the reactor in Command Centre to ensure valuable information on other systems inhabited by humans remains safe.

- Huge levels in full 3D
- 6 enemies
- 4 weapons - lifts, stairs, switches, keycards, and power-ups

Java Games Swords of Fury

An ancient evil awakes from its thousand year sleep immersing the world in an abysmal darkness. Only a select few can face it affectively. Some will seek to destroy it, others will want to harness its power and use it against it.
Which path will you choose?

Sword of Fury is a classic H&S game containing all of what’s best in this genre of games: dynamic game play, constant evolution of character in terms of fighting abilities, as well as an ever increasing difficulty level.

Push a sword into your enemy’s heart or turn your enemy to ashes with a single spell! Venture to ancient places of power and find keys to open secret gates. Stand up and fight your enemies with honour, just remember the price for second place in this game is death...

- Two different characters to play (sword master and warlock)
- 12 levels including cemeteries, dungeons, castles, temples and more
- Constant advancement of characters
- 25 different enemies including special bosses
- BT multiYou! mode giving players an unique opportunity to play together against the dark powers
- Dynamic and challenging game play
- Great music and sound effects

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Java Games Hitman Blood Money

Enter the Dark underworld of organised crime as Agent 47, the ruthlessly efficient and professional Hitman.
Your mission and objectives are issued by the ever present mission controller, DIANA.
Can you achieve your objectives and dispatch your targets while remaining undetected? Shadows, Disguises and silent weapons are your best chances of getting through this isometric stealth adventure alive.

(C) 2005 IO Interactive A/S. Published by Eidos. Hitman Blood Money, Eidos and the Eidos logo are the trademarks of the Eidos Group of Companies. IO and the IO logo are trademarks of the IO Interactive A/S. All rights reserved.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Java Games UFO Predator

UFO Predator leads to a major crisis of The Earth harboring mankind's greatest fear!

An alien has lost his way and took the Earth as his home planet. As a predator, embark upon a path of carnage and turn giant creatures and advanced weapons into worthless rescue teams!

Fly over the humans and devour them into your spaceship to increase the energy level of your UFO.
Manipulate background items such as cars to attack the rescue teams.

- Real-time damage with stunning explosive effects
- Intelligent enemies respond strategically to attacks
- High definition physics on manipulating background items

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Java Games E Brid

E-BRID is a horizontal-scrolling shoot ´em up that benefits from the latest technical innovations in mobile games. You will be awestruck by the intimidating boss who finishes each of the 5 exciting levels.
As the result of intense attention to detail, the production, game play, music and graphics make this game an immediate "must have" for your phone. E-BRID, it´s the very best of arcade gaming right in your pocket!

- 5 gigantic levels with their own cool designs and music provide total game immersion.
- An impressive arsenal accessible at the depot or during the adventure.
- A system that rewards senior players by allowing them to save their levels and experiences.
- A product offering faultless intuitive game play in a spectacular scene setting.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Java Games Argon 3D

The universe is in danger, invaded by hordes of spaceships that have come to destroy the last havens of peace in the Argon galaxy.

On board your battle-ready spaceship, you are the only one capable of removing this threat.
Will you be able to accumulate sufficient bonuses to successfully complete your mission and restore peace once and for all?

Marvel at the immersive graphics and gameplay that will transport you into a universe entirely in 3D.
Argon 3D is a triumph of technology allowing you to discover sensations never before experienced on a mobile phone!

Mediaplazza´s new Shoot´em Up is now on release. Are you tough enough?

- A 3D engine using new technologies such as mapping, skinning, etc.
- Three playable spaceships
- Varied bonuses to improve your spaceship
- Five planets to unblock

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Zdenka Sexy Playtime

Java Games Zdenka Sexy Playtime

Discover the gorgeous Zdenka in this new mobile game!
Arrange the bricks by color to make them disappear then discover the incredible body of Zdenka!
Quickly eliminate the bricks that cover her and you will earn completely new photos of the star.

- A new Zdenka game
- A sticky, sexy puzzle-game
- Ten stunning photographs of Zdenka to collect
- Ten levels of increasing difficulty

Games Beach Babes

Games Beach Babes

Snap! The aim of this sexy game is to match different pairs of cards! It’s all about memory!

Thanks to the multiplayer option, you can challenge a friend or even a stranger. You take turns in playing via WAP. Top players can even record their scores on the international scoreboard.

- A sexy game of Snap!
- Collect ten images of hot, bikini-clad women as you progress through different levels in Solo Mode.
- Play on your own or challenge a friend by mobile phone, thanks to the Dual Mode setting!
- Record your score on the international scoreboard!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Java Games Demons Castle

Java Games Demons Castle
In the middle of the 17th century, the brutal Dracula governed Romania. Under Dracula’s government, people all lived in dread and fear.
But a young man brought a gleam of hope; his name was Orlando, the son of Dracula. He knew of his father’s deviltry, and felt the compassion for humanity.
Thus, the righteous Orlando decided to help the poor people of Romania cast off his father’s rule. He was the hope of his people.