Friday, February 23, 2007

Java Games Bomber Pilot

Java Games Bomber Pilot
You and your bomber are our last hope in hostile territory. We count on your high experience as a pilot and we hope you will not disappoint us.
Your buddies gave you the name "old bomber". As a squadron leader you were sent in countless wars to leave a desolated battlefield for the following infantry. In this ongoing duty you are completely on your own, because your whole team was shot down by hostile defence. The enemy mobilized all of their units on water, ground and in the air to bring you down. Struggle through the different missions and destroy as many military targets and buildings as possible. It is very important that you watch your altitude, because of the high mountains that might get in your way. Hidden runways give you the possibility to relax and concentrate on the next attack. Satisfy your thirst for revenge in the name of your country and all the companions you lost in this war. We know you are the best – bring it on!


- Isometric 3D-environment
- Many hostile targets
- Dynamic gameplay in endless levels
- Increasing difficulty
- Mutable ways of controlling
- Highscore
- Savegame
- Sound and vibration (depends on the device)

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