Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Java Games Argon 3D

The universe is in danger, invaded by hordes of spaceships that have come to destroy the last havens of peace in the Argon galaxy.

On board your battle-ready spaceship, you are the only one capable of removing this threat.
Will you be able to accumulate sufficient bonuses to successfully complete your mission and restore peace once and for all?

Marvel at the immersive graphics and gameplay that will transport you into a universe entirely in 3D.
Argon 3D is a triumph of technology allowing you to discover sensations never before experienced on a mobile phone!

Mediaplazza´s new Shoot´em Up is now on release. Are you tough enough?

- A 3D engine using new technologies such as mapping, skinning, etc.
- Three playable spaceships
- Varied bonuses to improve your spaceship
- Five planets to unblock

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